Perk Fitness

Travis Gervais

Travis GervaisI am an ISSA certified personal trainer and an AAAI certified group fitness instructor. In 2004 I found myself topping the scales at 240 lbs. I knew a change was needed and was willing to do whatever it took to change not only my body but my lifestyle. I began strength training, running and studying nutrition. As I began seeing results the more I feel in love with fitness. People started asking me how I was transforming my body and I told them exercise and diet, and most importantly I was making a lifestyle change. I put down the soda and picked up the water, left McDonalds behind and began eating healthy meals.

I believe that the human body is a creature of habit and the longer I stuck to the work outs and diet the easier the lifestyle changes were to continue. In the beginning the work outs were exciting and fun. The diet was like “look at me I eat healthy now” I live to exercise and eat right because that’s just what I love to do. I continue today finding new and exciting work outs for clients along with myself. I teach many different styles of group fitness classes in Chittenden County. I have a passion for fitness and enjoy bringing that passion to lives of my clients.

I believe in working hard and having a blast doing it. Exercise is hard work so I find it very important to make sure my clients are having fun while exercising and seeing great results. In the last couple of years I have became focused on running. I am currently training for the Chicago Marathon. I am four minutes away from qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Once that goal is achieved I will begin training for ultra Marathons. I have done many running races along with a triathlon.