Perk Fitness


“Caroline encourages you to challenge yourself to the best of YOUR ability. She provides a variety of core-strength exercises that strengthen the whole body and will modify exercises if needed. You will really notice the difference in your ability and endurance over time.”
— Ginny Couture

 “I am hooked. I could barely do a push up let alone a series of crunches before. I have toned up, gone down in clothes size and feel great. I love the intimate setting will full access. I do not have to wait for machines and I can come and go when it’s convenient for me.”
— Kelley Allen
“I was a bit intimidated to sign up, but I bit the bullet and attended my first class. I found folks in all age brackets with differing levels of experience. I was able to work at my own level and felt good about it. It was fun and upbeat. I can’t wait to attend my next class!”
— Deb Crosby, 57 – Beginner

“Over the years I have had numerous trainers and I have stopped attending sessions because I became discouraged. Caroline has found a way to work with my strengths, while while helping me to feel more secure within my body, more stable, and more fit. She carefully listens to and observes each client to individualize each workout. Above all, she makes it fun!”
— Ruth Wildhorn

“Lynne is the best. Talented, experienced, creative, disciplined and a giggle now and then. Best teacher I ever had and I have been to Pilates in Chicago, Hawaii, Raleigh, N.C., Oklahoma, La Hola, Calif., D.C. and Martha’s Vineyard. She is the best—how did we folks in Burlington get so lucky? Plus, Lynne is a bargain—I keep telling her to charge more—all the other places are so much more $$$.”
— Kathy Gutting
“As an instructor, Lynne is not only knowledgeable and attentive, but she is also motivated to constantly educate herself and introduce innovative modalities to her already great classical pilates regimen. As a person, Lynne is engaging, supportive and most importantly, fun to work with!”
— Rachel Brodlie
“Since beginning Pilates two years ago I have increased my flexibility, gained core strength – and my posture reflects it as well! I have found Lynne’s attention to technique valuable and appreciate how thorough she is in her explanations making certain I understand and practice proper technique. I look forward to each of our sessions and know Pilates is a major benefit to my health and well being.”
— Carol Sullivan
“I have done Pilates for several years, but I have never made the progress or enjoyed Pilates the way I have with Lynne Martens. I can feel the difference in my core strength, flexibility and balance. I feel better now than I have in years. This is no accident. Lynne is a knowledgeable and engaging teacher. It is obvious that she gives a great deal of thought to every class. She keeps track of my performance and adjusts our work accordingly. Each class is a building block toward the next level of achievement. The classes are always varied which keeps them fresh. During each lesson, Lynne is focused like a laser beam on me. There are no distractions. She is continually monitoring my form and breathing. It makes a big difference when I am doing Pilates at home, I am much more careful about both, remembering her comments and cues. I look forward to our classes every week and when I am forced to miss one I feel the difference.”
— Ross Brewer
“I live less than a mile from another pilates studio, but choose to drive further to take Lynne’s class. she is innovative, and very sensitive to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. her corrections are clear and supportive. I always leave with a feeling I’ve done something, and I always leave feeling better than I did when I arrived.”
— Nan Patrick