Perk Fitness

Abdul Mujib

Abdul Mujib grew up with a fascination for physical conditioning, focusing mostly on body weight exercises, boxing, isometrics, and calisthenics, until he was introduced to Kettlebell Lifting in 2003. This is where Mujib’s transition into fixed resistance training began and has continued to this day.I have received Kettlebell Instructor Certifications from RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified), Tactical Athlete (CrossFit Kettlebells) and IKFF (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation). In 2008 I established my company North Country Kettlebells as one of the first Kettlebell specific training programs in Vermont. Since then I have collaborated with many organizations and fitness programs in Central Vermont and have had the opportunity to train hundreds of individuals, young and old, through personal training and group classes.