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Blueberries Natures Candy! Watermelon Blueberry Salad Recipe – The Best Salads and Greens – Watermelon Beet Post Workout Smoothie Recipe – Proper Squatting Form

Sweet and full of nutrients, blueberries are nature’s candy! Blueberries are not only scrumptious; the health benefits abound for these tiny fruits — so sweet you could call them nature’s candy. These little bits of goodness are gaining popularity in Georgia and just might be stealing the spotlight from the popular peac “Anytime fresh fruits […]

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Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe, Back Exercises For the Month, 5 Ways to Dynamic Warmups, and Make your own Peach Raspberry Smoothie

HONEY GARLIC CHICKEN   Honey Garlic Chicken is an epic 12 minute dinner with a 5 ingredient Sauce made using pantry staples. Juicy seared chicken breast smothered in the most incredible Honey Garlic Sauce, this is a brilliant back pocket recipe for busy nights!       BACK EXERCISES    DYNAMIC WARM-UPS   PEACH RASPBERRY […]

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